1. Do I need to drop-off for my item?

Yes. When there is a potential buyer with an offer, you have to drop off the bottle to our office for inspection. We will arrange viewing with the buyer. Once payment confirmed by buyer, you will receive a text notification and a payment transfer within 2-3 working days.  

Office Address:

Shinano Holdings Pte Ltd (TheWhisky.SG)
1 Scotts Road, #24-10
Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 10.30am to 4.30pm

2. What if the bottle is rejected after viewing?

We will contact you to self collect your bottle from our office within 2-3 working days.

3. Does this initial valuation cost anything?

No, it is completely free and confidential with no obligation to sell.  

4. Is my initial valuation fixed?

Estimates based on photographs are preliminary only and may change based on first-hand inspection and further research. Once item is dropped off, we will inspect and if there are any conditions that are not revealed in the pictures uploaded to TheWhisky.SG, we will revise the selling price before selling to the buyer.  

5. Is there any obligation to sell with TheWhisky.SG after getting a valuation?

No, there is no obligation to sell once you have received your free and confidential valuation.

6. What are your terms and conditions for this service?

Please note that estimates are a statement of TheWhisky.SG opinion as to what an item may be sold if consigned for sale is not a representation or guarantee of the actual value or potential selling price, and that TheWhisky.SG accepts no liability whatsoever in connection therewith.  

For the purpose of the estimate given, TheWhisky.SG assumes that the item is authentic and can be freely sold. Estimates are provided only for the owner of the property and may not be used by any other person or for any other purpose nor disclosed to any third party, reproduced or published in any form.  

In order to provide the most accurate estimates, TheWhisky.SG may share information about the item with third parties. Please note that TheWhisky.SG gives no representation, warranty or guarantee in respect to an item’s origin, provenance, attribution, condition, date, age or authenticity.  

Estimates based on photographs are preliminary only and may change based on first hand inspection and further research.  

7. What does it cost to sell with TheWhisky.SG?

If your item is sold, you will receive a text notification that your item is sold. The money you receive – the net sale proceeds – will be based on the agreed selling price less our seller’s commission of 15% and any agreed upon expenses.  

Item is considered successful sold upon receiving of cleared funds from the buyer. The date of payment will usually be within 2-3 working days in receipt of funds from buyer.   

Please note that TheWhisky.SG is entitled to charge a fee from buyer on any item we sell on your behalf. This fee is for TheWhisky.SG account and you accept that we are entitled to retain it.  

8. What happens after I agree to consign with TheWhisky.SG?

If you are happy with the estimate, we will produce a written agreement. This agreement will also confirm relevant terms, including the price (the amount you will accept for your property prior to our charges), the seller’s commission 15% and the item solely reserved to TheWhisky.SG for sale within 3 months from the date of agreement. All sales are subject to the Conditions of Business (for the sale in which your property will be offered) and the agreement will record the terms on which TheWhisky.SG and you, the seller, agree to sell the item to a buyer.  

9. Can I withdraw from the sale after I signed the agreement to reserve the property to TheWhisky.SG for 3 months?

Yes. You may withdraw from the agreement provided 14 days in advance notice starting from the date of confirmation from TheWhisky.SG. 

Admin fee of $100 will be collected from the seller who withdraws from the contract.