Juyondai 十四代 Ryusen 龍泉


Longquan” is the top wine of the Juyondai, and it is also known as the great white.

This sake is brewed by the sake rice “The Son of Dragon” developed by the brewery itself.

The polishing rate of the sake is 35%.

It adopts the “seven-twisting and twenty-through” method, and it has been matured for a period of time after brewing.

Longquan belongs to raw shoji.

Generally, sake is heat-sterilized in early spring and then matured. After that, it is heat-sterilized again before sale to stabilize the quality. Raw shoji is not heated a second time before bottling. Compared with raw sake that has not been subjected to heat treatment at all, raw shoji sake is more stable and can also maintain a fresh taste, and needs to be stored in a refrigerator.


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