How to identify fake and authentic Macallan Whisky?

To indentify a counterfeit, 3 simple methods to follow:

The Macallan “House” Logo will be lit up upon light test

       Air bubbles appear on the bottle glass are commonly found.  

New technologies are developing for anti-refill and anti-counterfeit to protect consumers from buying fake bottles. The Macallan, which has added security tags to all of their bottles include a QR code and a holographic image of The Macallan Estate. The QR code takes anyone who scans it to the The Macallan website, where the QR code is verified and the visitor is redirected to the company’s home page.

It is increasingly difficult to spot counterfeit even new features like Hologram cannot be spotted under naked eyes and packaging changes every 1-2 years, therefore it is recommended to buy bottles from reputable source. 

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